October 2018

Take the First Step

Scan Alert Image.jpg by Jon Flaherty

Have you ever procrastinated when it comes to your finances?  It could be something small like reviewing your recent statements or it could be something larger and more complex like deciding to finally do something with an old 401(k) account.  I’ve often found the first step seems to take the longest, especially if it is a task I’ve never done before.  It’s purely the decision to start that holds up the process, especially when there is an element of unknown involved.  When it comes to your finances, what are you putting off and do you realize how much it could be costing you?

Monthly Markets Memo - October 2018

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski, CFA 

Market Update

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell recently gave a speech in which he stated that the Fed may need to continue to increase rates, possibly aggressively, especially if inflation begins to quickly move higher.  The yield on the 10-year treasury surged, with yields moving from 3.06% to 3.23% in four days, a big move for treasuries in a short amount of time.  The equity markets can typically withstand rising rates but tend to get nervous when the pace is this fast.  Next, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reduced their global growth projections citing ongoing trade policy disruptions, specifically mentioning disruptions to NAFTA, Brexit and the European Union, as well as the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S. and China. 

Market Minute - October 15, 2018

by Scott Rosenquist, CFA

Earnings Season

Third quarter earnings will start coming in this week with several of the large banks reporting last Friday.  Earnings reports typically start one or two weeks after the quarter as companies prepare their financial reporting.  This period is also known as “earnings season” and allows investors to analyze company’s financial performance and hear from management regarding strategy and outlook.

Fire in a Crowded Theater

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Stock Market Graph Image.jpgby Bob Veres with Inside Information

Yesterday’s market declines—the Dow down 3.15%, the S&P 500 down 3.29% and tech stocks, as represented by the Nasdaq index, off 4.08%--were entirely within the normal range of mini corrections, which we’ve experienced numerous times since March 9, 2009.  But they represent an interesting test of character for the press and market pundits.

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