Whats Troubling You About Your Finances?

Scan Alert Image.jpg  by Jon W. Flaherty

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and started worrying about your finances?  Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to make ends meet, or perhaps you’re nearing an age where you’d like to retire but aren’t sure if you’re prepared to do so.  Or maybe you have kids a few years away from college and aren’t sure how to pay for it.  The list can seem endless and unsolvable at two in the morning.  The main cause of this worry stems from uncertainty.

The good news is this uncertainty can be defined and limited by putting together a financial plan to bring you peace of mind by crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s.  A financial plan can help do this by identifying the issue and presenting opportunities with clearly defined actionable steps to improve your financial life. 

Take for instance the choice to fund either your retirement or college savings.  How do you decide how much to put towards each goal?  Which one should be prioritized?  Free online calculators can be used to plug in some basic numbers to see what the outcome is, but that should only be a starting point.  There are also assumptions used like the inflation rate, return and standard deviation.  A financial plan can dive deep into the numbers to not only project where you are headed but provide insight as to whether the projection will be enough to meet your needs. 

Indeed, there might be a cause for worry if the projections come up short but at least you will know and can choose to make changes so that you can feel confident you are on track to meet your goal.  Conversely, you might very well be on track or ahead of schedule and the confirmation alone is worth going through the plan.  Either way, a plan can help reduce the uncertainty in your life. 

The clarity a comprehensive financial plan provides can be applied to whatever is keeping you up at night from insurance coverages to asset allocations to estate planning.  If something is troubling you about your finances then reach out by email at jflaherty@vantagefinancial.com and let’s work together to find your solutions.    


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