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Our 30th Anniversary celebrations have been many and we are just getting started!  The celebration began with our Open House in July which included impressive balloon towers and garland, bubbly champagne, delicious cake and wonderful people!  We then added music, sunshine and treats to the mix at our concerts in the park. 

Monthly Markets Memo - September 2019

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski, CFA 

Our Market Minute this month notes the consumer remains in good shape and is currently being credited for keeping the economic expansion going, supported by low unemployment, low inflation, and rising wages.  Retail sales continue to do well, and there’s hope that a recent drop in mortgage rates spurs another round of home buying activity.  With consumer activity doing well, I wanted to take the opportunity to check in on the other side, the producers.  This is where the stories diverge.  Consumers have, for the most part, been able to dodge the effects of the trade war.  Producers have been less fortunate.

Market Minute - September 10, 2019

by Scott Rosenquist, CFA​

U.S. Consumer

The U.S. consumer has been the bright spot for the economy as trade uncertainty continues to weigh on the manufacturing sector.  The second revision for Q2 GDP released late August showed 2% annualized growth.  Consumer spending increased 4.7% in the second quarter and continues to offset weakness in other areas of the economy.  

Monthly Markets Memo - August 2019

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski, CFA 

The sleepy days of summer have been anything but.  Last month the Fed cut interest rates by 0.25% in what they’re calling a ‘mid-cycle adjustment’.  In other words, the Fed is saying this is not the start of a prolonged easing cycle with multiple rate cuts.  The broader market seems to disagree as the futures market is pricing in one to three additional 0.25% cuts by the end of the year.  Ultimately, the Fed is attempting to extend the current bull market and protect the economy from slowing to the point of recession.  It is believed that rate cuts at this point in the cycle will do little to stimulate the economy as trade tensions and recession fears overpower the marginal benefits of lower rates. 

Invest in Kids - Illinois Tax Credit Program

Scan Alert Image.jpg 

The Invest in Kids act created a scholarship tax credit program in 2017. The program gives a 75% Illinois income tax credit to individuals and businesses that contribute to Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs). The SGOs create scholarships for need-based students to attend non-public schools in Illinois.

Market Minute - August 13, 2019

Tariffs and Market Movements

Anybody who reads the headlines knows by now that the markets were volatile last week.  The broad market ended the week lower as global headlines continue to grab investor’s attention.  In the bigger picture, this is a pretty modest drop for a market that was up 17% so far this year. 

Data Protection Protocols

Scan Alert Image.jpg Vantage welcomes guest contributions. Please know the information, opinions, and forecasts expressed in the article below are presented from unassociated parties and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Vantage Financial Partners. This article is shared as general information only and should not be considered advice. 

By Bob Veres with Insider Information

Our personal information has never been so easy to steal.  And mostly we have ourselves to blame. 

Market Minute - July 9, 2019

I’d like to share an article from Bob Veres that discusses the current market conditions based on a six month look back.  I hope you enjoy.

Are You Financially Prepared for Life's Big Transitions?

Scan Alert Image.jpg by Jon W. Flaherty

Life happens.  One moment you are lifted up with news of a growing family, a raise at work or retirement and in the very next moment brought down by the loss of a loved one, a loss of a job, or an injury.  Sometimes we trigger a big life transition when we choose to buy a house, other times it happens out of the blue like a car accident.  With all of the good and bad that comes with living, having a reliable financial planner on your side can make all the difference. 

Monthly Markets Memo - June 2019

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski, CFA 

High Expectations for Lower Rates?

Trade issues continued to drag on the market over the past month as President Trump opened a new front against Mexico.  In an effort to curb illegal immigration, President Trump threatened to place 5% tariffs on all imports from Mexico with a plan to scale the tariffs up to 25% by October.  This caught the market by surprise and added fuel to the equity market sell-off that began earlier in May with the escalation of trade tensions with China.

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