Monthly Markets Memo - October 2016

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski 

Markets Update

Another quarter comes to a close as September rolls off the calendar.  The S&P ended the month flat while both the international developed and emerging markets (MSCI EAFE & MSCI EM Indices) each added approximately 1.2%. 

Retiring at 40

Father and Son Fishing.jpgBy Jonathan Alton

Many dream of retiring early, but also have a hard time imaging that retiring at a young age is even possible. However, it is for these three couples who seemed to have beat the odds and broken the rules. 

8 Financial Tips for Young Adults

Many young adults have never been taught the basics of personal finance and are now in a position where they need to make major financial decisions on their own.

Market Minute - October 19, 2016

Market Minute Final Blog.pngby Scott Rosenquist, CFA
2016 Election & Markets

As the U.S. presidential election nears, investors are contemplating the potential outcomes and the impact on the financial markets.  Given the nature of this year’s election, emotions are running high and may spill over into the market resulting in some short term volatility, regardless of which candidate wins. While the headlines and uncertainty are increasing it is important to take a step back and put it in perspective by maintaining a long term view.  

Market Minute - October 6, 2016

Market Minute Final Blog.pngby Scott Rosenquist, CFA
Opportunity in Fixed Income Markets

As our team seeks opportunities in today’s markets, one thing we feel is becoming necessary is to widen the scope and seek out less traditional sources of income.

Monthly Markets Memo - September 2016

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski

Markets Update

One year ago the Chinese made a move to devalue their currency resulting in a surge of volatility within the markets that seemed to linger throughout the remainder of 2015.  In stark contrast to those events, this past August was relatively quiet. 

Faith, Family, and Finances

Down the Road Image.jpgHave you ever been so frustrated, so angry, so hurt, so depressed, or so exhausted that you just threw your hands up and said, "Why should I even bother?" Did I marry the wrong person? What does the Bible say about generosity? As you think over your answers to these questions, take a look at the links below to help guide you.

Market Minute - September 16, 2016

Market Minute Final Blog.pngby Scott Rosenquist, CFA
Emerging Market Debt

The bond market has been a popular topic of discussion this year as low yields persist worldwide.  

Market Minute - August 26, 2016

Market Minute Final Blog.pngby Scott Rosenquist, CFA
Investing in Growth

As the market and economy continue to grind forward, many investors this year are looking for income in defensive sectors such as utilities and consumer staples. 

A Commonly Overlooked Opportunity to Reduce Medicare Premiums

By Jay Kulikowski

Most people age 65 or older participate in the federal health insurance program called Medicare. Generally speaking, their monthly Medicare premiums are based on a table that looks at their income (Modified Adjusted Gross Income - MAGI) and their tax filing status from two years ago, even if their current year’s income is now lower.

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