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Latest News

By now many of you have heard of the Equifax security breach.  Millions of consumers are reported to be affected through potential exposure of their confidential information (name, address, email, driver’s license number, date of birth) and several thousands were affected to the degree that their account numbers and banking information may have been exposed.  The link below is reported to allow you to identify whether you were affected and to enroll in the free data protection Equifax is offering. 

We are unable to ascertain the accuracy of the check below nor the protocols and protections offered other than to relay this information.  It is up to you to ascertain what steps, if any, you feel are needed in your situation.  We advise that you do take this seriously however and that if impacted, you take precautions such as closing or changing accounts and / or obtaining identify theft protection.  Always use caution when entering information via the internet.  Be sure all information is provided through a secured website.  We hope you and your family are not directly impacted by this situation. 


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov) which regulates the credit arena and offers consumer protection offers some steps to take relevant to the Equifax breach here.

Vantage Financial and its agents may provide referrals for third-party service providers as a courtesy.  This is just a referral and not a recommendation. Unless clearly stated by agreement made in writing, we do not hold any association with said third-party service provider and cannot serve as a liaison for any relationship you may form.  We do not warrant or support services provided through this referral.  Vantage Financial does not conduct due diligence or background checks on third-party service providers.  We strongly urge you to carefully interview, evaluate, monitor, and check references
before working with any service provider. 


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In 1989 Vantage was an idea up for discussion in Michael’s living room. Fast forward from over
a quarter of a century ago and we have grown into a talented team of individuals working together
to create your planning and investment strategy. Our mission is to help you feel a greater
sense of control over your financial future. 

Investment Insights

MONTHLY MARKETS MEMO - AUGUST 2017  U.S. Equity indices declined over the past month as negative headlines continued to fuel uncertainty in the U.S. markets.  Events related to healthcare legislation, geopolitical tensions on the Korean peninsula, and doubts surrounding President Trump’s agenda all contributed to the decline in U.S. equities over the past month.   Smaller company stocks were hit harder than the larger companies - more on that below. 

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MARKET MINUTE - SEPTEMBER 11, 2017  Behavioral finance introduces the idea of biases investors exhibit and how they can affect decision making. In the previous post I discussed loss-aversion, an emotional bias whereby investors feel the pain of losses more than the pleasure of gains. We identified how this could lead to irrational decisions to avoid taking a loss.

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