Maximizing Social Security & Optimizing Spousal Benefits

Social Security Key_0.jpgby Dave Krist, MBA

It is critical to understand the Social Security system when implementing a wise course of action that will maximize Social Security retirement benefits. The following article will explain common terminology and discuss important principles to help couples nearing retirement age gain knowledge of some basic facts and consider some underutilized strategies.

Faith, Family and Finances

Money with Ribbon_0.jpgby Tom Vislisel, CFP®

Do I truly share the heart of God? Do I try too hard to win a fight when I should just apologize? Is my financial support of my adult children going to cost me in the long run? The three articles linked below answer these questions and many more.

SEC Investor Alert - May 2015

Online Investing_0.jpgby Kim Taylor, IACCP®

With the increasing availability of Robo-Advisors and Automated Investment Trading Opportunities comes an increase of risk.  Having tools which make trading quick can cause investors to overlook key considerations that may impact their results.  The Securities and Exchange Commission have released an Investor Alert with some wise cautions when utilizing automated investment tools.  

Employer's Stock - How Much Is Too Much?

How Much_0.pngby Jay Kulikowski, CFP®

Q&A based on the strategic ways a corporate executive can diversify risk out of their portfolios by lowering their percentage of investable assets in one stock.

Monthly Markets Memo - May 2015

World Money Small.jpg

Equity Markets Perspective

The international markets led the equity markets for the month of April. The pickup in the European economy along with word that Chinese monetary policy is becoming more aggressive seemingly convinced investors that even better times are ahead in these economies and markets. Here in the U.S. some mixed economic numbers resulted in the large capitalization companies advancing slightly while the small companies declined. 

Monthly Markets Memo - April 2015

World Money Small.jpg

Global Equity Markets Perspective

We have had some interesting swings in the markets for the first part of the year due to some ‘mixed’ news regarding the direction of the global economy. Even with the increased volatility many equity markets were up in the first quarter with international markets leading the way. While the S&P 500 made a small gain it trailed many other equity market indexes due to the impact of the strengthening U.S. dollar and earnings declines in the energy sector.

A Tax Efficient Retirement Strategy for Corporate Executives

Retirement Strategy_0.jpg

Over the years we have helped many corporate executive clients transition into retirement.  One important factor in this transition is to look at the sources of retirement income and to fund retirement in the most tax efficient way possible.  This may involve distributing out IRA money earlier than expected and/or making Roth conversions.

Online Banking

by Jay Kulikowski, CFP®

Looking for a place to park short term, liquid assets while earning a better rate of return than your local brick and mortar bank can offer? Consider searching the internet.  You will find several options available through FDIC insured banks which offer online interest bearing checking and saving accounts.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

by Dave Krist, MBA

“How much life insurance do I really need?” Financial planning clients usually ask this question during the planning process. They are often skeptical about the answer given by insurance agents and look to us to provide an objective opinion.

Beneficiary Blunders

by Sam Bakou, CFP®

We often see it when reviewing beneficiary designations on client retirement accounts... outdated forms, no secondary names, or a general listing of the estate as the beneficiary, etc.

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