Re-Inventing Ourselves

Future Uncertain_0.jpgby Tom Vislisel, CFP®

Have you ever felt like you need to reinvent yourself?  Is life going by really fast and is it challenging to stay fresh, relevant and capable?  I feel a number of us are in this situation or will be in this situation soon.  With this being Christmas season, we can look at how Scrooge needed to reinvent himself in the classic Charles Dickens tale “A Christmas Carol.”

Medicare Costs Increase


Many of our clients are surprised to hear that Medicare premiums increase if your income is higher than certain thresholds.  Medicare is the government subsidized medical care system for people 65 and older.  Part A (hospital costs) is free, Part B (doctor's and outpatient costs) are subsidized by 75% for most people, Part D is prescription drug coverage which is partially offset by private insurance supplements.

Biblical Financial Truths

Core Values Small.jpgfeaturing Tom Vislisel, CFP®

While recently talking with Tom Vislisel (Financial Coach and Qualified Kingdom Advisor), about the fruits of attending the Kingdom Advisor Regional Conference in Indianapolis this September, he shared some new insights in the area of biblical financial truths. Each speaker’s contribution highlighted thought provoking points for everyone to consider.

Faith, Family, and Finances

confused student_300x279.jpgby Tom Vislisel, CFP®

What does it look like to truthfully admit my spiritual blindness? Have I fully prepared my child's heart and soul—especially when it comes to confusing messages he/she might hear from peers, the culture or in the classroom? Will I be able to work until my planned retirement age?  Below are three articles that answer these questions:

Recent IRS Notice Changes Stance on 401(k) Rollovers

Roth IRA 401K Graphic Small.jpg

A recent IRS Notice changed the 401(k) rollover treatment to the most advantageous possible and eliminated doubt caused by reversing an earlier 2009 IRS Notice.

Faith, Family, and Finances

bad news(1)_300x198.jpgby Tom Vislisel, CFP®

In the midst of trouble, David remembered the acts of God. What can I learn from David? Will combining accounts cause harm to my marriage? Should I be worried about all the negative press concerning the market?  Below are three articles that answer these questions:

Welcome Home Illinois

House Sold Small.jpgThis year governor Quinn announced a new loan program for first time buyers (haven’t owned a home in at least 3 years or more) in Illinois that makes it very advantageous for young adults looking to purchase a home. This program will give first time buyers a $7,500 credit towards their down payment with only the greater of $1,000 or 1% of the home value down on the part of the buyer. They also offer rates that are competitive in today’s mortgage industry. There are basic limits on income, credit score and home value but for the first time home buyer, many will fit the mold.

SEC Investor Bulletin

investigation glass_300x200.jpgSo how does the SEC serve as a watchdog for you, the consumer?  One method is to conduct examinations on firms such as Vantage to assess whether all regulatory requirements are being met and to ensure the firm is serving their clients just as they say they are.  The SEC releases Investor Bulletins with important information to help support you as the consumer.  Staying in tune by reading these updates will help you be ‘in the know’.

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