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What’s Going on with the Housing Market?

Market Memo – Planning Article

July 2023 – By Tom Rueger, J.D., CFP®

After a run that saw mortgage rates drop to all-time lows and home prices soar to new highs, the U.S. housing market finally started slowing in late 2022. Real estate professionals worried about a housing recession and home prices seemed poised for a correction as mortgage rates moved higher. For the week ending July 6, mortgage rates hit 6.81%, the highest level for the year so far, Freddie Mac reported (CNN). In theory, when mortgage rates go up, home prices should fall since it raises the cost of homeownership, thereby reducing demand.

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The Roof Might Be Leaking

Market Memo

February 2023 – By Kyle Rohrwasser

According to the Case-Shiller National Home Price Index, American home values fell roughly 25% from the beginning of 2006 to their bottom in early 2012. Since that low point, average home prices in America have skyrocketed, largely due to low-interest rates, government quantitative easing, and the involvement of large real estate companies purchasing single-family homes as investments. These three major factors created a market where debt was cheap, excess dollars were present in the system, and homes were scarce – a trifecta for increasing real estate values.

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Booming Home Sales

July 26, 2021 – Bob Veres

Arguably the wildest consequence of the recent pandemic is the remarkable price boom in the U.S. housing market—which, some might remember, went spectacularly bust in the 2008-9 Great Recession collapse.  Today, half of all houses put on the market are purchased in less than a week, often for more than the asking price. 

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