Monthly Archives: November 2022

Turn off the Noise

Market Memo

November 2022 – By Kyle Rohrwasser

Another busy month in the global financial markets. Lower CPI results led to the 14th best single day performance on the NASDAQ, midterm elections are all but done, FTX (one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges) has filed for bankruptcy, Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) are starting to turn sour, home sales have begun to fall, and the Chicago Bears manage to average 30 points a game in their last 3 games and lose all three.

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Recession or Not?

Market Minute

November 2022 – By Bob Veres

When people talk about an economic recession, it’s hard to know who to believe.  The U.S. economy experienced negative growth for two consecutive quarters, Q1 and Q2, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.  That means we have already managed to survive a recession, right?

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