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What’s Going on with the Housing Market?

Market Memo – Planning Article

July 2023 – By Tom Rueger, J.D., CFP®

After a run that saw mortgage rates drop to all-time lows and home prices soar to new highs, the U.S. housing market finally started slowing in late 2022. Real estate professionals worried about a housing recession and home prices seemed poised for a correction as mortgage rates moved higher. For the week ending July 6, mortgage rates hit 6.81%, the highest level for the year so far, Freddie Mac reported (CNN). In theory, when mortgage rates go up, home prices should fall since it raises the cost of homeownership, thereby reducing demand.

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Buying International

Market Memo

July 2023 – By Bob Veres

In investing, the most normal inclination in the world is to question why an underperforming investment was included in the portfolio.  Recently, those questions have surrounded international stocks, which, since January 2008, have consistently underperformed the U.S. S&P 500 index to the tune of 6.5 percentage points a year.  Why not go ahead and ditch those foreign stocks and buy American?

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Market Turbulence Ahead

Market Memo

April 2023 – By Bob Veres

This is your captain speaking…

When you’re on a commercial flight, and the plane is approaching turbulence, the captain comes on the intercom to let you know to buckle up and expect ‘rough air.’  There should be similar warnings about ‘rough air’ in the markets, and this is a good time to offer one.

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