Monthly Archives: January 2023

New Year, New Market

Market Memo

January 2023 – By Kyle Rohrwasser

I think everyone is happy to put 2022 behind them. 2023 is here but it will come with some new tax law changes. The Secure ACT 2.0 has made major changes to employee benefits, retirement accounts, and the distribution of them. Below are some of the major changes to be aware of in 2023. All are positive to the American employee and can help with future retirement distribution planning.

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The Fed Outlook

Market Minute

January 2023 – By Scott Rosenquist, CFA®

The calendar has turned but the issues concerning financial markets remain the same.  The Federal Reserve is on track to continue tightening financial conditions through interest rate increases and reducing the size of its balance sheet which became bloated when it stepped in to support the bond market during the pandemic. Inflation remains above the two percent target that the Federal Reserve continues to defend. Recent gauges of the economic activity show services and manufacturing are in contraction as rate hikes take hold to slow the economy. How much longer will the Fed maintain its restrictive policy stance?

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