Market Minute - January 14, 2020

by Scott Rosenquist, CFA​

The minutes from the Federal Reserve’s meeting in December were released last week and there are implications for the year ahead.  In 2019 we saw the Fed cut rates three times in response to economic weakness and trade uncertainty, which gave both the bond and equity markets a boost.  Investors should not expect multiple interest rate cuts in 2020 as the comments from the Fed seem to have set the bar high to move interest rates in either direction.

Monthly Markets Memo - December 2019

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski, CFA 

We are days away from closing out the first decade in U.S. history without a recession.  From a market perspective, the past ten years have been truly remarkable.  The decade began with the U.S. emerging from the financial crisis in the midst of unprecedented market intervention and monetary policies. 

An Overview of the Tax Changes for 2020

Scan Alert Image.jpg  by Tom Rueger, JD, CFP®

After a couple of years of more substantial tax changes, things have settled down quite a bit and there are really only a few “Updates” as we head into 2020. This is an overview of the updates that will apply to the 2020 tax year (return to be filed in April of 2021).

Market Minute - December 10, 2019

by Scott Rosenquist, CFA​

This year is on track to be great for most financial asset classes.  Domestic and foreign equity markets are up double digits through the end of November and the broad fixed income market is up high single digits.  This is almost the exact opposite of what investors saw last year when cash was a top performing asset.

New Limits New Rates

Scan Alert Image.jpg  

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By Bob Veres with Insider Information

Monthly Markets Memo - November 2019

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski, CFA 

Something interesting happened in the markets in the last couple months as value stocks came to life posting returns that nearly double that of their growth counterparts.  Value and growth are two labels in an overly simplified yet effective way to categorize different types of stocks. 

Market Minute - November 15, 2019

by Scott Rosenquist, CFA​

October’s employment data came in better than expected showing that the US economy continues to plow ahead.  The previous two months were also revised higher and the labor force participation rate increased.  All of this points to a growing economy and keeps recession risk low for the time being.  What do the numbers mean for the economy going forward?

Whats Troubling You About Your Finances?

Scan Alert Image.jpg  by Jon W. Flaherty

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and started worrying about your finances?  Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to make ends meet, or perhaps you’re nearing an age where you’d like to retire but aren’t sure if you’re prepared to do so.  Or maybe you have kids a few years away from college and aren’t sure how to pay for it.  The list can seem endless and unsolvable at two in the morning.  The main cause of this worry stems from uncertainty.

Monthly Markets Memo - October 2019

World Money Small.jpgby Dan Zalipski, CFA 

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the second time in 2019 this past September.  The Fed reiterated its desire to extend and sustain the current expansion while citing the U.S. economic outlook as favorable.

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