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Prepare for Landing

Market Memo

October 2023 – By Kyle Rohrwasser

Since July of 2022, we have had an inverted yield curve. This is when the 2-year treasury bond has a higher yield than the 10-year treasury bond. Typically, investors expect to receive a higher yield the longer the maturity of the bond. When the yield curve inverts it signals potential economic stress reflecting the uncertainty over the longer time horizon. Since 1978 the yield curve has inverted 6 times and each time a recession has followed. 2008 being the most recent and deepest.

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Bond Market Update

Market Minute

October 2023 – By Scott Rosenquist, CFA®

The yields on long-term Treasury bonds have climbed higher over the past few months and even more notably after the last Federal Reserve meeting where interest rates were held steady at 5.25-5.50%. The movement in the bond market highlights that while the Federal Reserve controls the policy rate, which yields on shorter maturity bonds track, longer maturities take more variables into consideration. Economic growth and inflation along with supply and demand are some of the factors priced into longer-term bond yields.

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Common Financial Phobias

Market Memo

September 2023 – By Bob Veres

According to a recent survey, more than half of all Americans fear for their financial futures.  Another study says that 77% of Americans feel anxious about their current financial situation.  Even if both of the surveys overstate the numbers, the fact is that many of us have phobias about our finances, often rooted in past traumatic events or our upbringing, or from cultural and societal pressures that can trigger the fear of financial failure.  Our emotional backgrounds influence our behavior, often negatively, often in hidden ways.

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The Can That Keeps Getting Kicked

Planning Article

September 2023 – By Ryan Boyle CFP®

In what seems like a never-ending game of kick the can, the IRS has pushed back deadlines to begin newer provisions contained in the SECURE Act 2.0. Along with this pushback of rules, the IRS has provided an update on the 10-year rule and who needs to take inherited IRA RMDs, along with providing some relief for missed RMDs.

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