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We Just Got Married, Now What?

September 2022 – Contributed by Vantage Financial

To any newlyweds reading this article, congratulations on taking the next step with your spouse!  This month’s edition is intended to get you thinking about how you and your spouse can begin to handle your financial affairs from a joint perspective, even if that means handling your finances individually.

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I got a Promotion, Now What?

August 2022 – Contributed by Vantage Financial

For those who are reading this article that have recently received a pay increase, are taking on newer responsibilities in their workplace, or are entering an entirely new work environment, take a moment to celebrate as your hard work has paid off!  There are a few things to be mindful of when it comes to making your next career transition, as the impact of these changes can happen a lot slower than most other life events.

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 I’m Getting Ready to Buy a Home, Now What?

June 2022 – Contributed by Vantage Financial

Whether you’re in the market for your first home, getting ready to move into your dream home, or just casually browsing the current housing market, being prepared for such a large transition is the best way to combat any fears you may encounter during your closing process.  To help prepare, we have a few tips to consider before purchasing a property.

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